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Treatment Philosophy

People who have suffered what the poet D.H. Lawrence called “wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self” often seek a deeper level of healing than customary counseling can provide. Psychotherapy, which addresses underlying issues and root causes, can bring about that healing.

But psychotherapy isn’t something done “to” clients: it’s a process we engage in together. I offer patients a roadmap of what to expect, and I help them understand how and why psychotherapy works and what the ground rules are. I work with them to explore how they got here, what their goals are, what treatment looks like for them in emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual terms, and what steps they can take to achieve their goals.

Many of my clients have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or addiction. They tell me they appreciate my patience and calm, my compassion, and my steady acceptance, some of which is grounded in my own experience of trauma. They also value the skills and knowledge I bring as a trained psychologist, which let me tailor recent advances in scientific understanding—e.g., alternative patterns of depression, the neuroscience of addiction and recovery, or the connections between early developmental patterns and trauma—into useful, effective models and techniques for healing.


I’m a licensed psychologist in Georgia. I’m also authorized to practice virtually in the 40 states that participate in PSYPACT. My clinical specializations include trauma, addictions, men’s issues, psychological evaluation, and sexual health (I’m a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist). I practice from a trauma-informed, existential-integrative framework using techniques drawn from multiple approaches, including Internal Family Systems, and the Task Model of recovery.

I completed my Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Georgia State University followed by an 18-month post-doctoral residency focused on trauma and sex addiction. Before my doctoral studies, I completed my M.S. and Ed.S. in professional counseling. I chose to pursue psychology after an extensive naval career that included time in combat.

Who I work with

  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Young adults
  • Adolescents (15+)

Specialty Area

  • Clinical Specializations
  • Trauma
  • Men’s issues
  • Compulsive sexual behavior/sexual addictions
  • Chemical and behavioral addictions
  • Psychological Evaluations


  • Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Georgia State University
  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
  • Post-doctoral residency in trauma and sexual addiction
  • Clinical internship in health psychology at New Mexico State University
  • M.S. and Ed.S. in professional counseling from Georgia State University

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