Parent Training

PFPA therapists provide Parent Skills training for parents of children dealing with oppositional, disruptive, and defiant behavior, ADD/ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders and other challenges. If your child is struggling with social/emotional issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder, you can probably use some support and professional advice. Our interventions can help not only increase compliance but improve the parent-child relationship. Contact the therapists listed above; they can help you help your child.


Karen McCorkle, LCSW
770-953-4744 ext. 49
Purvita A. Patel, Psy.D.
770-953-4744 ext. 54
Steven Perlow, PhD
770-953-4744 ext. 14
Rachel Scheinfield, Ph.D, NCSP
770-953-4744 ext. 20
Brian J. Smith, PsyD
770-953-4744 ext. 44
Ellen Spandorfer, Psy.D
770-953-4744 ext. 50
Maurisa Brodsky Versel, LPC
770-953-4744 ext. 65

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