Individual Therapy


There are times in life when you face certain challenges. Maybe you’ve noticed that you have an unhealthy pattern of unsatisfying romantic relationships. Maybe your role as a new parent is bringing up anxieties or you feel unfulfilled and depressed in your career. Perhaps you’ve experienced a trauma recently – or even many years ago—and the aftereffects are showing up in your current life. You are realizing that your ways of coping with stress~ over-eating, drinking, on-line addiction~ are creating problems for your health, self-esteem and relationships.

Meeting with a psychotherapist can be helpful in these situations. PFPA therapists take a creative and practical approach to help you understand yourself better. Our goal is to help you not only develop greater insight and self-awareness but to learn practical strategies, skills, and perspectives that can be used in the real world. Developing these skills can help you cope with life’s challenges. Take the first step and check out the therapists listed here.


Today’s teens are struggling. Not only are they exposed to more adult issues through the bombardment of media images and 24/7 access to Facebook and texting, but research on the teen brain shows that certain capabilities (e.g. to delay gratification, to think through consequences) do not develop until the mid-20s. Given the combination of intense pressure and poor coping skills, it’s not surprising that many teens are struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, aggression or drug and alcohol abuse. PFPA therapists know that “acting out” is a cry for help. We know how to talk to teens. We appreciate that teens may need a safe place to open up, to talk about their stresses and share some of the details of their lives. The unique nature of the therapist-client relationship allows them the opportunity to gain wisdom from a respected adult, and even learn vital skills~ self-soothing, taking care of their bodies, setting boundaries~ that can help them navigate the rough waters of the adolescent years.


If your child is struggling, a PFPA therapist can work with your child to help them develop the skills and tools they need to thrive. Our therapists start by building a solid and trusting relationship where your child will feel safe, accepted and supported. Then they will establish clear goals based on each child’s unique challenges, developing effective coping strategies and problem solving skills for addressing their problems. Whether your child needs help with emotion regulation and thinking through the consequences of their actions, or they need to develop more effective study strategies and organizational skills, the therapists at PFPA will not only help your child but they’ll provide you the tools to be a more effective parent at home.

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